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Why use GSIT Virtual Cloud Servers?

Cost-effective, scalable and configurable to suit individual client needs, GSIT Virtual Cloud Servers provide high-performance computing power whenever and wherever it is needed.

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Servers can be deployed within minutes to provide a rock-steady foundation for your business operations. This means you can have that extra “oomph” when facing unexpected or peak business periods.
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Committed to SLAs

GSIT is renowned within the industry for its speedy service and its knowledgeable, friendly and experienced support team. We are committed to delivering according to the service levels agreed with each client.
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Flexible billing

Scale services up or down and only pay for what you use.
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Redundant = Safe

GSIT cloud solutions use multiple data centres to ensure you benefit from near 100% uptime.

Reliable, high-performance computing power delivered as and when you need it

Over the years Gardner Smith IT has invested extensively in hardware, software and infrastructure. We’ve created a safe, reliable, and high-performance data centre and ICT environment capable of supporting all our client requirements.

We provide a speedy and cost-effective alternative for organisations that don’t want to deal with the complications, delays and expense of on-site hardware and software deployments.

Our cloud servers are built from industry-leading technologies. They are secure, scalable and reliable, as evidenced by our commitment to service level agreements.
A web-based control centre makes it easy for on-the-ground IT staff to manage and view all server operations, assisting with everything from initial configuration to operating system installation and the establishment of firewall rules.

Backed by our team of technical experts, delivered via the cloud and assured of redundancy, GSIT Cloud Servers will support your business 24/7, 365 days a year.