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Anti-virus protection service

Endpoint malware prevention and management

Why choose the GSIT Anti-virus Protection Service?

An enterprise-grade service that helps secure your business by providing accurate and effective endpoint malware prevention and management that keeps all users and devices safe.

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Zero day malware and APT prevention

Gardner Smith IT combines decades of anti-virus expertise with big data analytics and predictive behaviour recognition technology to ensure early detection of malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs).
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Dwell time alerts for a fast response

A centralised console provides IT with complete endpoint and device visibility across the network. Should a potential problem arise, dwell time alerts and reports instantly reveal any endpoint infection.
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Fast scans that won't impact system performance

Our initial full system scan uses less than 15MB of RAM. Thereafter, ongoing scheduled scans are completed in less than 30 seconds.
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Always protected

GSIT Anti-virus Protection Service is delivered via the cloud and is supported by multiple data centres to ensure your systems benefit from comprehensive risk visibility and protection, 24/7.

High-performance Endpoint Malware Prevention and Management

The GSIT Anti-virus Service is a multi-layer defence that begins with two simple assumptions:

  • Every endpoint is potentially already infected by unknown malware.
  • Threats can arise at any time, in any form, at any place.
Our service starts by “locking down” the client‘s operating system and browser to shield all user information and transactional data from accidental or malicious exposure. This immediately enables the IT department to better protect users and data from the dangers posed by modern-day security threats such as keystroke logging, screen grabs, phishing, cookie scraping, DNS poisoning, browser and session hijacking.

Further protection is provided by a smart system-monitoring and application-aware firewall which manages and monitors all outbound traffic, reducing the danger of “phone-home” threats and ensuring only policy-approved applications communicate with the network.

A central portal provides comprehensive alerts, reports and real-time threat management information, enabling IT departments to respond speedily to issues, the instant they arise. User, website and application risk data also provide a valuable foundation for developing proactive risk mitigation policies and strategies.

Delivered via the cloud and supported by multiple data centres, GSIT Anti-virus Protection Service provides 24/7 business monitoring and protection. Designed for maximum flexibility, endpoints and devices can be added, changed or removed as needed. At all times, you only pay for the services you use.