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Managed IT services

Proactive & predictive infrastructure, server, device & system management

Why GSIT Managed Services?

Gardner Smith IT Managed Services provides comprehensive, proactive monitoring and reporting to keep IT infrastructure, servers, devices and systems operating optimally 24/7.

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Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We ensure all moves, adds and changes are carried out within agreed service levels.
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Improved Capacity Planning

Extensive range of measures including key performance indicators and capacity metrics provide IT departments with high visibility into demand as well as supporting more accurate capacity planning.
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IT Health and Status

Easy visibility of real-time incident, problem, change and configuration data from a single service portal.
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Proactive Service & Redundant = Safe

Service level management offers to simplify IT complexity with the option of a single point of contact for all technical and support matters.
GSIT-hosted and cloud-based solutions use multiple data centres to ensure your systems benefit from world-class uptime.

Proactive Monitoring & Reporting

GSIT Managed Services enables businesses to optimise in-house resources by keeping IT staff focused on value-adding strategic projects and business innovation.

Our technical experts – supported by best-of-breed software solutions – take the load off your IT team by providing predictive, pre-emptive monitoring and reporting for your network, servers, devices, and systems.

The in-depth information derived about the health and status of your IT environment enables the continual fine-tuning of services. It also allows for easy monitoring of events and supports diagnosis of potential issues.

Incident logging and management helps to determine and understand the root cause of events. We can also recommend steps for swift, effective resolution of problems.

We recognise that predictability is critical for any business. So we ensure all moves, adds and changes are carried out within agreed service levels. This focus on IT consistency and stability helps reduce the risk of business interruptions due to downtime or poor system performance.

A simple billing model ensures that at all times clients only pay for the services used.