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Why GSIT Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring that combines the expertise of Australia’s most trusted IT services partners with best-of-breed technology sourced from around the world. The result? A dependable cloud-based monitoring service that keeps your network operating optimally.

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Full protection

Easy to install and operate, GSIT Network Monitoring provides 24/7 protection for LANs, WANs, servers, websites, appliances, and more.
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Comprehensive Alerts

Extensive range of alerts ensures early warning for all issues. The alerts can be for status, limits, and thresholds all the way to escalation and dependencies. Supports multiple conditions.
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Complete Visibility

Centralised web-based control provides full visibility of your network with reporting and monitoring that covers uptime, downtime, bandwidth, applications, virtual servers, QoS, SLAs and events.
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Redundant = Safe

Both GSIT-hosted and cloud-based solutions use multiple data centres to ensure your systems benefit from near 100% uptime.

Proactive Lifecycle Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting for
Your Network Infrastructure and Servers

Gardner Smith IT Network Monitoring improves network and server availability and reduces the risk of downtime by providing 24/7 monitoring, alerts and reporting.

Supported by certified professionals, the suite of monitoring services helps to increase the return on your IT investment by ensuring a consistent, optimally operating network and faster identification of issues. In the process, we free your teams from day-to-day, repetitive tasks so they can better focus on delivering services that help build and improve your business.

The wealth of information derived through monitoring shines a light onto the health and status of almost every aspect of your network operations. Comprehensive reporting makes it easy to measure and manage service level agreements. Performance monitoring ensures constant oversight of all key performance indicators while capacity metrics support improved planning for the future.

In addition, a service portal provides real-time IT infrastructure management and technical information, ensuring IT teams can readily see up-to-date information about the health and status of devices and the overall network.

Designed for maximum flexibility, monitoring services can be added, changed, or removed as needed. At all times, you only pay for the services you use.